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David Bartlett
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paleoman wrote: [quote=colmike]Paleo

No but my wife was miss diagnosed with it about 6 months ago–long story made short–blood test said yes–3 bouts of antibiotic and still positive—then we went to a specialist. After 2 hour interview she said–well you don’t have Lyme, your blood test clearly shows that (and she did another to confirm). Seems if the doc isn’t experienced they can make a mistake.:shock:

We do a tick check every time we are out there–lots around here. It takes about 3 hours for the little buggers to attach so check every 3 hours–that signal mirror comes in handy for checking those area’s you can’t see:D They are easy to flip up and remove before they attach. Yes it’s a hassle but it’s a better alternative then not being out there or in my opinion using chemicals. Having said all that we have found 3 ticks on us in the last 10 years–3rd one was on me this afternoon after returning from stumping.

Hope this helps.


Yes, it does help! Anything that helps defeat their attempts does. We had a “bug man”, entomolygist, come speak at one of our Dept. meetings last year. He said there is a Raid product containing permethrin that’s essentially the same ingredients as commercial tick repellent for a lot less and more of it. I’m not sure which one though and haven’t checked it out. Spraying anything that says “Raid” on me though would be something to get past mentally….

There used to be a Raid product with Pyrethrin in it, but I believe the company stopped producing it. I have a can at my camp and it is the only thing I have found that works on the biting Stable flies.