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David Petersen
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Well Duncan, having seen that Sun interview apparently puts you in a minority of hunters.:P The SUN is a well-known “literary” magazine with highly educated, mostly eastern urban readers whom we could, fairly or not, lump as mostly “intellectual liberals.” I agreed to the interview precisely to confront the comfy if uninformed beliefs of these folks, just as I’ve done for decades now — writing and speaking to “hostile” audiences who, for the most part, react surprisingly favorably to dignity and truth about hunting. Perhaps that’s why I’m more sensitive to hunter ethics and public statements than many hunters–because I have long experience hearing the complaints from the other side. But then my interview in the current TBM hasn’t gotten much reaction either. Maybe everyone is too busy practicing and sharpening heads for the upcoming seasons to have any reading time. Or maybe everyone agrees with me, so nothing to comment on! 😀 Righto. 😳 Anyhow, thanks. dave