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Stephen Graf
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colmike wrote: …Not sure this helps–but don’t try to make it to complicated–in my limited experience most problems are associated with me and what I’m doing wrong vice the equipment…

Semper Fi


Mike is surely right in my opinion. The effects are subtle, and lost on most of us. But it is fun to play!

Instead of pulling the strike plate off and putting something behind it, you can just as easily glue the strip onto the strike plate. Then you can move it around to get the effect you want. Barge cement is a good choice as it holds well, but is easily removed.

As you noticed, by adding the strip you will be moving the point of the arrow left. This will result in the bow needing a weaker arrow to shoot correctly.

So back to what Mike says, just shoot the bow. Does the arrow fly correctly? Does it go where you want it to (at least pretty close)? Then no problems, just shoot.

But if you notice odd arrow flight, or unpredictable groupings, or hear the arrow slapping the bow on release, or the string slapping your arm, or… or.. then it’s time to scratch the noggin.