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R2 said: Be sure and take your bow and three arrows just in case..

Is that to do the 3 shots in the air, if I get into trouble? Not so sure you will hear them in TX.

Bamboo: Few years ago a friend gave me a bamboo plant, so I could grow my own fly rod. When I asked on a Fly Fishing Forum where/how I should plant it, I was told I could plant it anyplace I did NOT want it to grow, and it would grow like a weed. Actually, you want tonkin bamboo, which they grow in Vietnam. They also have it in Manchester Vt. Place called Orvis. Unfortunately, they make it into fly rods before they sell it.

In regards to the technical stuff: In the 70s/80s I was a systems programmer in a computer company. Long days in a locked computer room. Now I call my son out in Salt Lake when the TV doesn’t work. It’s not that I can’t figure it out, it is just easier to ask. Besides I’ve figured out so much of that stuff, forgot it in a month, and had to figure it out all over again.