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George D. Stout
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If you guys lived in the 1940’s/ 50’s era, then there may be some substance to your hatred of Mr. Hill. You didn’t live then so you can’t possibly know what you would have been like, much less Howard Hill. We have been politically corrected to death by a$$ patting liberals and made to think we are the best that ever was. B.S. You can’t judge an era unless you lived in that era, under the influence of what life was like back then…..the very beginning of modern archery and bowhunting pretty much.

There are very few people who would do those things nowadays since we have the luxury of history to review, and a completely different mindset.

Chris Shelton….Howard died before you were born…so you only go by what you have learned in your short life. If you were a child of the fifties, you would have a different perspective. Also….I met Byron Ferguson, and he is a gentleman’s gentleman. Perhaps you should take time to get to know him as a human being while he is still alive and you still have time to learn some things.

I will never understand how we can judge folks we didn’t know. And the Hitler comment was just stupid; a far cry from one to the other and any reference there was ignorant and not called for. Some of you need to grow up and think.