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Mark Turton
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Hunting predators or potential predators by traditional means I guess might be considered combative, as in some cultures where hunting ‘dangerous game’ is a right of passage, I’m thinking Inuit and polar bear, Masai and lion that kind of scenario.

Mike, by not shooting a bear was that you saying that you had nothing to prove, if you had been using trad gear do you think you may have continued to hunt?

If ever the opportunity arose part of me thinks that I would want the bear to know I was there, that I had entered his world and hopefully, possibly, bested him, there again all those teeth and claws at 20 yards I don’t know if Ive got the bottle, might be me on the menu, then again perhaps that is the whole point of hunting something that might just eat you. Does this explain the fascination I have for hunting boar with a spear although that has not got past the curiosity stage.

Just my thoughts, Mark.