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David Petersen
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Blackie — These spirals are difficult! For myself, I’ve had more trouble keeping the front down than the back. I know little about this compared to others with far greater experience, but since I”m first to comment — Consider that flu-flu’s are usually shot at birds or other targets where we’re sort of saying, “This is a really really risky shot and I want to take it no matter if I never see this arrow again.” So, most often we use expendable arrows. Which leads into me having no problem taking a couple of wraps with dental floss around both front and back of the feather spiral. I mean, these aren’t the most accurate arrows in the world so it’s no big deal. 😆

Another alternative is to use, say, 5″ lengths of uncut feathers, 3 to 6 and basically straight so that we can use our normal fletching jigs. They serve the same basic flu-flu purpose of slowing air-shot arrows down so that maybe we can find them.

That’s all I have to offer. Maybe you should post this in the bow and arrow making forum as well?

I’m looking forward to hearing other suggestions and your own solutions. Dave