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I, too have to add one more- you’re going to enjoy this!
From “the Archer’s Craft” by Adrian Eliot Hodgkin- page 24-

Halfway between peace and war comes private vengeance. Thus:
‘Supposing I were in yonder sloping wood opposite, and in my hand a bow of red yew ready bent, with a tough, tight string, and a straight round shaft with a well-rounded nock, having long slender feathers of a green silk fastening, and a sharp-edged steel head, heavy and thick, and an inch wide, of a green-blue temper, that would draw blood out of a weathercock. And with my foot to a hillock, and my back to an oak, and the wind to my back, and the sun towards my side; and the girl I love best, hard by, looking at me; and I conscious of her being there; I would shoot him such a shot, so strong and far-drawn, so low and sharp, that it would be no better there were between him and me a breastplate and a Milan hauberk, than a wisp of fern, a kiln rug, or a herring-net!’
That is from a fifteenth-century MS., the ‘Tale of Iolo Goch’, bard to Owen Glendower; and is quoted in Hansard’s “Book of Archery”, 1841. Is it not magnificent? Can you not see the archer, tense and drawn like his own bowstring, his fingers itching to loose that shaft that would draw blood out of a weathercock? What a passage! Only an archer could have written it.