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yes, I agree– arrogance–

however, these 3 battles occur over a long period of time–

as the video shows the arrows could only penetrate {knights-read expensive -best} armor [of the time at close range*]so the archers shot the horses, and hit the Knights in more exposed portions of their anatomy–

an old Cavalry saying –” the best way to stop a horseman is to stop his horse”. The English Armies were superior “IN DEPTH” the archers were important/decisive! but not by themselves [imho] – as you know from your milexperience. From the video- I did not realize that the English had mounted archers-which makes absolute sense when you realize this was after the experience of the crusades—-

I very much enjoy your posts, and wish I could have visited your Continent — maybe someday–


* as time goes on it is more difficult–