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That is correct. The UEFOC arrows shoot flatter than you would think.
I know from the arrows I have hand loaded and shot that the heavy 30-35% arrow shoots flatter over a longer distance than the same total weight arrow with 19% FOC. Not a huge amount but it is noticeable and significant. No doubt in my mind.

Out of MY quiver…a 900 gr 30+% FOC arrow has a very very similiar flight path or trajectory as a 750-800 gr arrow with normal 20ish % FOC.

In the recent past I would not do this but now I am comfortable shooting a 900-950 gr. 34% FOC arrow out to 35 yards because it is like shooting my elk arrows that were 770 grains but only 19% FOC.

It really surprised me in the beginning so I asked Dr Asbhy if I was seing things or if it was really happening. He said it is true, that he had discovered the same results. He also mentioned (in a thread somewhere here) that he conducted a demonstration at an outdoor/hunting event showing how the high FOC arrows will travel flatter. He used a rubber washer on an arrow that he could slide along the shaft. When he put the washer way up front creating Ultra EFOC, the arrow would hit the back wall of the building. With the lower FOC, the arrow would not go as far hitting the floor in front of the wall. That is what I remember from what he said.
Maybe someone can find that stinkin thread.