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Thank you for this “can of worms”. It’ll get a person thinking.


Thank you for that bit of philosophy, even if it did come from somebody that was inebriated (did I spell that right?). It definitely puts “tradition” on the map as food for thought.

As for myself and traditional bowhunting…Stick and string of whatever make and model not to include poundage adjustments, wheels, sights, scopes, release aids, etc. Arrows of wood, aluminum or carbon, it doesn’t really matter to me.

I like my feet on the ground for the most part, so no “take-down/put-up” tree stands. Climb a tree and sit on a limb? Sure, why not?

GPS? No thanks, tried it once, and they don’t work well in mountain canyons with steep walls. They just can’t triangulate your position properly and will tell you the wrong direction to the truck. Oh, and if you can’t find that elk wallow again by memory, I guess you weren’t supposed to hunt it the next trip in there. Cell phone/2-way radios? Maybe for safety or for conning your best bud to help you pack something out of that nasty hole it went into to die, but don’t use’em for hunting purposes. Trail camera? Nah, that takes all the fun out of running that big mulie into no-man’s land the day before season opens. LOL. No electronic calls, either. Mouth operated calls or vocal mimmickry is fine.

My personal gear consists of a Bear Grizzly, 2117 aluminum arrows, my hunting pack with whatever’s in it and, because I hunt grizzly country a lot, a .44 Mag with heavy game loads.

I don’t shoot wood because I lack patience to straighten them after every shot. I don’t shoot carbon because I’m too cheap to spend the money that they cost. That leaves me with the middle-of-the-road option, aluminum.

That’s pretty much my hunting stuff in a nut-shell.

Dennis, you get your sharp stick, I’ll find mine, and we’ll go try to get a…..whatever suits our fancy….sound good?