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Just google “carbon steel”. Then google “knife steel”. Many – kinds of steels with different properties for different uses. If you explore this subject, you can also find the types of steel that are just laying around and can be re-cycled into knives broad heads etc. Files, lawn mower blades, chainsaw bars and so on. I have several knives I have made from old Stihl chainsaw bars, (O1 steel) and some out of saw blades and other stuff I have came up with. Heck, some 5061 from 71 Chevy truck springs. The “drawing or annealing” the steel before you work it is necessary in order to soften it sufficiently to file and grind it into your pattern and drill handle holes.Re-hardening is done in a home made forge and then quenched in olive oil, then tempered in my oven. Carbon steels are laying around every where if you want to make your own stuff.