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William Warren
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MontanaFord wrote: A friend of mine and I cut firewood to sell, and every now and again, I’ll make him cut me out a block of wood so I can someday try and make some arrows. Haven’t gotten around to making anything yet, but still have the pieces to do so. What’s the best way to start out? The pieces I have him cut are around 40-45″ long, typically, to give myself a little extra length to play with. What’s my next step?

MF – you will need a table saw to reduce your block to 3/8″ square blanks. There are a few options for making shafts from 3/8″ blanks. If you can afford a Shaft Shooter that is one. I have a hand planing jig that I got from 3Rivers. It takes some time to make a dozen shafts but we have plenty of that in winter. Another option that takes some patience is to use a small hand plane to slowly take off the corners until you have a rough dowel and then finish by sanding with sand paper starting with 80 grit and so on.
Have fun!

PS: If you require closely spined shafts you will have better luck with Steve McD’s suggestion.