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I don’t have the dedication to practice like you guys do.

To gain a level of proficiency, or to gain a level of skill that insures success?
Proficiency or success can be measured by dedication.
How dedicated we are towards the Animal we intend to Hunt is the measure of success!
Correct practice should insure that we have done all we can to kill the Animal cleanly, quickly, and insure that we have been successful in our treatment of the Animal.
I would say that: Without knowing your friend, he would need the same level of dedication with a compound Bow as any other.
It really is not a question of his equipment! It is a question of his commitment toward respecting the Animal enough to give it his best!
So, in the end, He is either dedicated enough to honor the Animal by practice, or he is not!
Blow this guy off as a Hunting Buddy because you will just end up blood trailing the Animals he gimps!
One more observation. How could the guy give up something, he never really started? Again, move on and walk out of this gully to higher ground! When you reach it, you may well be standing on the top of mountain by yourself. I have done this many times along the way, and I can tell you that the view is Great!!!!!!!!!!:)