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Nah..Matt is a good hunter. He’s ethical and he did take a nice doe with his recurve this year. I don’t question that. Hell of a turkey hunter too.

One observation I’ve made of him is that he never really shot his bow. We went bowfishing a couple of times and that is the most I’ve seen him shoot since I started. He is either always working or teching compounds. I’ve not shot with him once in a year.

He’s been shooting a compound all of his life and has been successfully. Obviously he knows enough about that world where he’s only been in ours for two. He has never wanted to go to a 3D shoot or jamboree…I think he was either not confident enough or just not that into it.

I can see his point about work too. They sell compounds…there are 20 of us and about 300 of them at that shop. Their business is about 90% wheelie bows and Matt is the primary tech. I can see why he feels he needs to be in one world or another.

Its just weird…thats all.