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Doc Nock
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Thank you for that thoughtful response.

I’ve shot these arrows for a year, tuned them individually bare out to 25 yards…

The only time I’ve seen this behavior is when the brace drops.

I’ve got new strings on order that are advertised to NOT creep… after initial stretch…we’ll see.

I’ve read over the years that lower brace means the arrow is on the string longer, thus storing MORE energy over a longer period. That COULD explain them showing ‘weak’ out at 15-18 yards.

I also know if the arrow is on the string LONGER then one’s “follow thru” has to be more consistent to not impart bad ju-ju to the arrow on release or dropping the bow slightly, etc.

I twist up the string and all is well. I have committed to only using a stringer on my new bow, so I just endured the insult of poor arrow flight… while out on the course this past weekend.

In the past, here at home, when it happened, I’d check brace, twist it up and all was right in the world of arrow flight again.

Just curious. A “non-believer” of EFOC is purporting that EFOC arrows are more “finicky” and “less forgiving”.

Just thought perhaps someone here had insights to any/all the issues I encountered.

Don’t want to make this about string creep and this or that material…just if anyone has seen well tuned EFOC arrows behave badly IF or WHEN a brace dropped due to heat, creep, etc.