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I think allowing the crossbow is about recruitment and retention in the hunting fraternity – and we NEED BOTH.

NYB has done some good things. But I am not a member any longer……..

It is the constant alienation of other sportsman that bothers me the most with NYB.

As Secretary to one of the County Federations in New York State – I can say that with out any doubt, the majority of sportsman in New York State WANT the Crossbow.

IMO – the Archery Season changed forever when the Hollis Allen Compound designed for “Disabled” archers was allowed in the archery season. And the reality is.. the crossbow has no advantage over today’s compounds.

What goes around comes around, the gun hunters in the 40’s and 50’s, which still had strong sentiments in the 60’s when I was starting out, used the same arguments against Archery Seasons, that certain “Bowhunters” today are using against the crossbow.

Become a “Two Season Hunter” now with your Holllis Allen Designed Cable & Wheel bow with 65-75% let off, sights, doinkers, stabilizers and mechanical release, there is no need to practice or worry, and you don’t have to wait for gun season to hunt deer. Oh yeah.. it all comes around.

I don’t care what a hunter carries in his hand, I do care about his actions, image and values that he brings along with him or her. Hunters should hunt with what they believe upon their skills is the most ethical. And not what some minority group wants to dictate and force down everyone else throats. This is still America.. there should be at least the freedom to choose.