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Doc Nock
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Indeed, David!

More often than not, what comes across as “Keyboard Commandos” are people who type fast, hit send and don’t really review their own comments from varied perspectives. Many offensive posters on varied sites over my time turn out to be thoughtful and peaceable people i n person. Go figure.

Older I get the more I know I don’t know… and among those things I don’t know are all sides of a given topic close to my heart…and therein lies the rub.

Things with emotional importance to us, tend to generate more heat than light and we can’t see the forest for the trees!

There are always more than 2 sides to most coins, oddly enough. Yes or no, black or white, don’t seem to cut it in the reality of today’s complex world.

When I lived in MT and played over much of the Western part of that wonderful state, (avoided the E. part and the high desert), I learned there were many competing priorities and some had larger voice than I. History, culture, economics all drive emotional positions. I have but one view, one voice and often one opinion that is more often then I care to admit, a jaundice view due to my own desires and desired outcomes.

Grazing rights to National forest and BLM depleted winter forage for elk who then raided valley rancher hay stacks…and got them shot to lay and rot…

As a hunter, that didn’t sit well, so I bought the sportsman’s license to help underwrite the hay stack reimbursements…small token gesture for sure. Then again, I like beef, but seldom can afford it, especially grass fed which is healthier.

Competing priorities… never ends as the world fills more and more varied views prevail. Tolerance and open mindedness is a cornerstone of preserving what little we have of our hunting heritage for the common man to enjoy…