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Bruce Smithhammer
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Thanks, Doc – you’ve added a lot of ‘food for thought’ to this conversation!

We did bareshaft the EAOC arrows, and they didn’t porpoise as much as I thought they would at all. But like I was saying above, I find that nock adjustment is really important – if you leave the nock at a typical height for a normal arrow that has weight forward of center, you will definitely get porpoising. However, raising the nock point significantly (we found that 1-1/2 to 2″ above normal produced the best results) seems to compensate for the tendency of the arrow to leave the shelf with the nock end low (due to the additional aft weight). As the EAOC arrow leaves the shelf, after being released from a much higher nock point, it essentially ‘lifts’ the nock end of the arrow after clearing the bow and then travels dead straight. But I can’t emphasize enough that this adjustment in nock point is critical to successful flight with this type of setup.

But thanks for all of your input – I’m hoping to get out this afternoon and experiment a little more, taking your feedback into consideration as I tweak this experiment.

More to come…