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Cameron Unruh
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Steve – here is the short version. I once had a large collection of boas and they were in the house in what I called the reptile room. I had a variety of other reptiles as well. My wife at one point requested that I be done with that hobby. So I sold all but a couple snakes and moved them out into the garage. One day I noticed that my one Boa seemed to be paralyzed…she could not move the bottom 3rd of her body. She stopped eating and slowly got weak and unresponsive. within days had died.

I have no idea what happened but when I cleaned out her cage I discovered a large Black Widow spider. Her cage was large 2x2x4 only the front was Plexiglas the rest was wood.

I am not absolute that this was the cause of her death but I could not come up with another reason.