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Well I’ve tried this once and it disappeared. I’ll try it again, hoping that it doesn’t show up a 2nd time. The name Professional Bowhunters Society was a product of the time. Most bowshooters were competitive field shooters first and bowhunters second. Most shot 40 lb, 66″ bows and that’s what most of them took bowhunting too. There were very few deer and hardly anyone shot one (1960’s)and accuracy on the field range was more important. A group of guys who’d had some success wanted an organization that was about bowhunting…because everything was about competitive archery in those days. They wanted to identify their members as bowhunters, not paper-punchers. They set high personal ethical standards and heavier equipment as part of the identification package. They took bowhunting seriously…they were “professional” about it. Maybe it had something to do with the explosion of professional sports about that time, and players who were very good at their chosen profession were considered “professional.” I personally don’t think it was a bad choice at the time, and in my own hard-headed way I’m thinking being “professional” about this bowhunting is a good thing. And I understand that some equate it with doing things for pay, but that’s partly because we’ve gotten to the point of looking at everyting from a financial stanpoint…my opinion. gfa