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I hunted elk in a roadless area this year, but rode my 4 wheeler to the trailhead from camp (about a mile) each day. I put in 6 to 10 miles a day on foot, using my own “quads”. During the summer, I ride a 4 wheeler to a couple of fishing spots and ride established trails. I have never used it to hunt on or from, and don’t plan on it, but I do believe that there are legitimate uses of 4 wheelers. Hunting, in my opinion, is NOT one of those legitimate uses. I don’t hunt in places where 4 wheelers are rampant. As someone who owns and enjoys some 4 wheeling, I am disgusted by those who can’t get off their fat asses and wear out some boot leather. By the way, in 8 days of hunting elk in a roadless area, I did not see one elk.