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Robin Conrads
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MontanaFord wrote: Some time ago, in a past issue of Traditional Bowhunter, I believe there was an article on a similar topic. The topic question was more or less “Does a right wing feather matched to a right-handed shooter make them more accurate than a left wing for a right handed shooter” and I believe the information in the article pointed to a strong “YES”.

Perhaps Robin could find this article for us at some point, should she get a break from running the magazine and keeping TJ in line. LOL.

One thing to keep in mind, if you choose to shoot left wing feathers with a right bevel broadhead, is that the left-direction spin of the arrow actually has to stop in order for the broadhead to begin spinning ITS direction into the target, which will reduce penetration, possibly to a large degree on, say, a bone hit. If the arrow is already spinning the direction the broadhead will spin, it should actually help increase penetration, because then the arrow doesn’t have to stop its rotation in order to reverse itself.


I can’t find anything in the index that it was an article in TBM. If it was in Dennis’ tips I don’t keep track of those. What I did find was an old forum thread where this topic was discussed.


I’d better go see what T.J. is doing, now that you mention it. 😯 I think he was looking for a bazooka for grasshoppers.