Tip of the Week

I am always looking for something that can be adapted to my primitive skills classes, my archery, and my hunting. Often times an idea or a tool can come to me from a most unlikely place.

I live with four women. Now, before ideas start going in a direction that I don’t consider, these four women are my wife, Ceci, and my three daughters, Victoria, Catalina, and Maria. Sometimes they provide me with tools that are easily adaptable to both archery and hunting.

Those of you who are married and have daughters can fully appreciate the time that they take to make themselves more attractive. Never mind that you see your wife as the most beautiful woman in the world, or that you see your daughters as princesses.

My four are always doing what I call “preventive maintenance” on themselves. This can be as simple as painting their nails, sometimes with a plethora of colors, (how divine) to dyeing their hair or shaving and waxing those unwanted hairs away. Oh yes, you ought to know that some of the waxes that women use to remove unwanted hair are readily adaptable for use in mounting stone points to your primitive arrows. The waxes are wax in name only. They are also water resistant, and come in a variety of colors, too. Of course, you have to add a couple other ingredients with the wax to make it more durable. You can even buy some waxes that have a very pleasant aroma of honey so that your arrow points have a more natural aroma when you go into the woods.

Have you ever considered using nail polish for cresting your arrows? It is lacquer based, so that eliminates one step of the process, which is the need to seal the wood or rivercane for your arrow. And, best of all, the nail polish comes in a plethora of colors too! Who knows, maybe some entrepreneurial traditional bowhunter may start to bottle nail polish in bigger bottles so that you do not have to buy three or four bottles of nail polish just to do a dozen or so arrows.


Two of the “tools” that my women use regularly are pictured above. They are two different types of manicure files, and silicone toenail protectors.

The files are actually quite nice for sharpening broadheads. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and hardness levels. Some are quite hard, which makes me wonder what type of nails these would be useful on! I will let your imagination dwell on that for a while.

The files normally have a finer side and a more course side for filing away those unwanted burrs that can grow forth. I use the finer side to smooth the edges of my broadheads back to a clean edge. If my broadhead has a burr or a nick in the edge, then sometimes the course side of the file will remove it. Sometimes though, the nick or burr is just a bit too tough for that particular file, so I must resort to using a more “manly” steel file or even a sharpening stone.

Gee, I wonder if women have ever considered using sharpening stones for their fingernails and toenails? The sharpening stones are much longer lasting than the manicure files, they are cheaper to buy in the long run, and the sharpening stones also come in a plethora of colors! For those women considering using Arkansas whetstones, nice aromatic body oil could be substituted in place of the more normal Buck honing oil. The oil, by the way, helps to facilitate the sharpening process. Many sharpening stones, like the one in the picture, also come with a fine and a course side.

One other selling point for women to use sharpening stones is the fact that some come with the word “DIAMOND” clearly readable on the sharpening stone. The word “DIAMOND” has always been attractive to women, and to some men too!

The toenail polish protectors work great as a temporary bowtip protectors. I don’t know if they come in a plethora of colors, but I am sure that, like the nail polish bottles, once these come into more demand some enterprising archery person will market them in the colors of the rainbow.

I “borrowed” two of my wife’s toenail polish protectors and adapted one for the upper nock and one for the lower nock, and they work great! As you can see, they are made of a soft and pliable plastic or silicone material. They are pliable enough that you can string the bow over the protector without any problems. They are quite soft, which means they are not as long-lasting or durable as other bow tip protectors. Of course my wife’s’ toes and nails are not as hard as the nocks on my bows either. Thank God for that!

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