One of the challenges of bowstring maintenance has always been finding a convenient place to do the work. Most of the time, I sit on a stool with the back of the bow on my legs. This works fine until you need an extra hand to hold something. When that extra hand is available, the job gets done; but the process resembles something close to two monkeys, a football, and some pent-up effort!

I ran into this situation at a friend’s place while serving a string and tying in some silencers. Standing there, I got to thinking this would be easier if we had a couple of 1/2″ or 3/4″ dowels sticking out of the workbench to hold the bow. When I got back to my place I tested the idea. The top of my arrow building bench is thick enough that I was able to drill two 3/4″ holes and place a dowel in each hole. I protected the bow by covering the back and belly of its riser with some rubber pieces, and securing it to the dowels with a couple of squeeze clamps. I was able to create an easy workstation to work on bowstrings. For those who don’t have a table to bore holes into, a 2×4 will make a great substitute. The 2×4 can then be clamped onto any table or workbench.

Editor’s Note: Tim is a frequent contributor to our Tip of the Week, and a whole-hearted promoter of traditional archery. You can find his creativity at work on his Facebook page, Absorkee Designs.