A lifelong outdoorsman, Don Thomas has bowhunted extensively across a dozen countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific in addition to his home states of Montana and Alaska, taking over three dozen species of big game with traditional archery tackle.

Don currently serves as co-editor of Traditional Bowhunter as well as writing a regular column on bowhunting adventure for Bowhunter. He also writes regularly about bowhunting, wing-shooting, fly-fishing, sporting dogs, adventure travel, and wildlife for some two dozen other national publications and has additional masthead responsibilities with Gray’s Sporting Journal, Ducks Unlimited, Retriever Journal, Big Sky Journal, and Fish Alaska. He has written 16 books on these topics including the bowhunting titles Longbows in the Far North, Longbow Country, and The Double Helix, and his work has appeared in numerous anthologies. He is currently working on a book about bowhunting around the world. His books are available through the website www.donthomasbooks.com

He and his bowhunting wife Lori divide their time between homes in rural Montana and coastal Alaska. They have raised four children and a lot of dogs.

Articles by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Issue Article
Fall 90 Ashes to Ashes
Winter 90 The Physiology of Instinctive Shooting
Summer 91 Stick Bows and Skinny Skis
Fall 91 Fir Bearer–A New Look at Old Wood
Winter 91 Disney Ending in Montana Wilderness
Spring 92 Fences
Summer 92 Tailfeathers
Fall 92 Alarm Bells
Winter 92 Wintertime Blues
Feb/Mar 93 Kid Stuff
Apr/May 93 Far from Home
Jun/Jul 93 Small Game Sampler
Aug/Sep 93 Spikes
Oct/Nov 93 Sticks, String, and Black Cadillacs
Dec/Jan 94 The Idea of Order in Cougar Country
Feb/Mar 94 The Long Road Home
Apr/May 94 Gobblers in a Lean Year
Jun/Jul 94 The Shy and the Watchful
Aug/Sep 94 Let Youth Be Served
Oct/Nov 94 In Sheep’s Clothing
Dec/Jan 95 Shooting Slumps
Feb/Mar 95 Dining at the Top of the Food Chain
Apr/May 95 Never Say Never
Jun/Jul 95 My Favorite Things
Aug/Sep 95 The Toughest Challenge
Oct/Nov 95 For the Record
Dec/Jan 96 Rooms with a View
Feb/Mar 96 Panthers and Puritans
Apr/May 96 Bread & Butter
Apr/May 96 Traditional Questions and Answers
Jun/Jul 96 Tundra Dreams
Aug/Sep 96 Before His Time
Oct/Nov 96 Luck of the Draw
Dec/Jan 97 Season’s End
Feb/Mar 97 Ouch!
Apr/May 97 Eye To Eye
Jun/Jul 97 Ouch! Revisited
Jun/Jul 97 The Wild Gourmet
Aug/Sep 97 Hog Wild
Oct/Nov 97 Two Bulls
Dec/Jan 98 Two Bows
Feb/Mar 98 The Miracle of Their Horns
Apr/May 98 Paper, Cotton, Impala
Apr/May 98 The Wild Gormet
Jun/Jul 98 Victory and Defeat
Aug/Sep 98 More Favorite Things
Oct/Nov 98 Bows and Arrows on the Friendly Isle
Dec/Jan 99 Bears on the Beach
Feb/Mar 99 Use as Intended
Apr/May 99 No Strings Attached
Jun/Jul 99 The Busted Flush
Aug/Sep 99 Acres of Gophers and King of Rats
Oct/Nov 99 The Longest Chase
Dec/Jan 00 How to Catch a Brown Trout
Feb/Mar 00 One for the Gipper
Apr/May 00 Slams: Grand, Super, and Otherwise
Jun/Jul 00 Nine Nine Ninety-Nine
Aug/Sep 00 Traditional Topics
Oct/Nov 00 Antlers, Inches, And The Meaning Of The Hunt
Dec/Jan 01 Among The San
Dec/Jan 01 Traditional Topics
Feb/Mar 01 Comeuppance
Apr/May 01 Northern Lights Bucks
Jun/Jul 01 Traditional Topics
Aug/Sep 01 A Bow For Justin
Oct/Nov 01 Beyond The Kill
Dec/Jan 02 Spotted Deer, Friendly Isle
Feb/Mar 02 Home to the Brush Country
Jun/Jul 02 Jewel of the Pacific
Jun/Jul 02 Traditional Topics
Aug/Sep 02 Home and Away
Oct/Nov 02 The Buck I Didn’t Shoot
Dec/Jan 03 You Are What You Hunt
Feb/Mar 03 Axis Deer and Basalt Warriors
Feb/Mar 03 Game Profile – American Antelope
Apr/May 03 Gearing Up for Heavy Bows
Jun/Jul 03 The Company of Friends
Oct/Nov 03 Larry Yien–Interview with a Champion
Dec/Jan 04 Two For The Gipper
Dec/Jan 04 Traditional Destinations – Ha! N!ore
Jun/Jul 04 Traditional Destinations
Primitive Outfitting in Alberta Canda
Aug/Sep 04 Meat’s Not Meat…’til It’s in the Pan
Aug/Sep 04 Game Profile – Brown Bear
Oct/Nov 04 Three Whitetails
Feb/Mar 05 Acceptance
Apr/May 05 A Bear for All Seasons
Jun/Jul 05 Traditional Destinations – Molokai, Hawaii
Aug/Sep 05 Face-Off on the Tiwi Islands
Aug/Sep 05 Interview with Flip Pallot
Oct/Nov 05 Enthusiasm and Restraint
Dec/Jan 06 Wild Hog Nation
Feb/Mar 06 Game Profile – Barren Ground Caribou
Feb/Mar 06 Traditional Destinations – Australia
Apr/May 06 Rites of Spring
Oct/Nov 06 The Ground Game
Dec/Jan 07 It’s All About The Dogs
Feb/Mar 07 Africa: Beyond Waterholes
Apr/May 07 Gobblers and Growlers
Dec/Jan 08 Beagles, Bunnies and Bows
Dec/Jan 08 The Blue Collar Super Slam
Feb/Mar 08 Traditional Destinations
Upper Fraser River Valley, BC
Jun/Jul 08 Big Lizards
Jun/Jul 08 Traditional Destinations
South Africa’s Eastern Cape
Oct/Nov 08 November
Dec/Jan 09 Born to the Bow–The Life of Bill Baker
Feb/Mar 09 Lessons From Labrador
Apr/May 09 Trophy Jakes
Aug/Sep 09 Bush flying: Basics for Bowhunters
Oct/Nov 09 Twenty Years of Traditional Bowhunter
Dec/Jan 10 Thanksgiving Turkey
Dec/Jan 10 The Ashby Data: A Perspective
Apr/May 10 Bears Along the Fraser
Jun/Jul 10 Tales From the Crypt
Aug/Sep 10 Bowhunting Middle Earth
Aug/Sep 10 A Man Made of Elk–Interview with David Petersen
Oct/Nov 10 Longbow Rehab
Dec/Jan 11 Cold Duck
Feb/Mar 11 Traditional Wisdom–Photographing the Successful Hunt
Apr/May 11 Opening Weekend
Jun/Jul 11 The Moral of the Story
Aug/Sep 11 The Moral of the Story II
Oct/Nov 11 Primitive Bowhunter–Sterling’s Arrow
Dec/Jan 12 Birds of a Feather
Feb/Mar 12 Trad Out! What’s New with the Robertson Tribe
Apr/May 12 The Blue-Grey Game
Jun/Jul 12 Tuning Up
Aug/Sep 12 Bad Black Bears
Oct/Nov 12 Interview with Jim Akenson
Oct/Nov 12 Traditional Wisdom–Building a Better Venison Burger
Dec/Jan 13 Dog Gone
Feb/Mar 13 Pick A Spot!
Apr/May 13 On the Beach
Jun/Jul 13 Creepy-Crawly Trouble
Aug/Sep 13 Whitetails Replayed
Oct/Nov 13 Primitive Bowhunter–Ephemerella
Dec/Jan 14 The Trailhead–Beyond Bloodtrails
Feb/Mar 14 Ten Thousand Hours
Apr/May 14 The Rest of the Story
Jun/Jul 14 The Trailhead–The Incredibly Useful Carabiner
Aug/Sep 14 Tickling The Ivories
Dec/Jan 15 Big Small Game