Here’s a tip or two, from my string builder (Belinda).

341a.jpgI’m left handed, and I always wondered why most of my factory-supplied strings came loose not long after they were installed. I discovered that it was because the string maker was set up to serve for a right-handed shooter. The following method works for either left- or right-handed shooters to ensure against unraveling. When you are serving/reserving a bowstring, always have the sight window facing away from you, and work from left to right with the serving jig spinning over the top away from you. This method keeps the serving from unraveling. Using this tip will guarantee the serving will never loosen because you actually tighten the serving every time you shoot.

341b.JPGWhen twisting up your loops, make the bottom loop as small as possible so that it will stay put when the bow is unstrung or when you are stringing the bow. The upper loop should be sized so that it fits tightly about 4-5″ down the limb. Never again will you wonder which loop fits on which end of the bow. 341c.jpg