Brian Sorrells grew up hunting small game alongside his father, starting at age five.

After four years of active service in the U. S. Army, he discovered bowhunting through a co-worker. His friend started him shooting traditional tackle, and he hasn’t looked back since. The author of Beginner’s Guide to Traditional Archery and Traditional Bowhunting for Whitetails, he is also the father of two beautiful daughters, both of whom shoot selfbows.

Articles by Brian Sorrells
Issue Article
Oct/Nov 98 Ground Hunting 101
Aug/Sep 02 Mapping Your Way to Deer Hunting Success
Dec/Jan 05 Post-Season Stew
Dec/Jan 05 Gone to the Dogs
Jun/Jul 05 Alaska’s Bowhunting Supplier
Aug/Sep 05 The Carbon Challenge Part 1
Oct/Nov 05 The Carbon Challenge Part 2
Dec/Jan 06 The Secret Society
Feb/Mar 06 Hunting in the Third Dimension
Jun/Jul 06 A Little Friendly Competition
Aug/Sep 06 Traditional Archives–Fred Bear
Lives on Through His Field Notes
Jun/Jul 07 Summer Bowhunting for Crows
Oct/Nov 07 Scents and the Traditional Bowhunter
Dec/Jan 08 Traditional Destinations
Nunavut: (Canada) Caribou Heaven for Bowhunters
Feb/Mar 08 Traditional Archives
Glenn St. Charles’ Bows on the Little Delta
Apr/May 08 Trials, Tribulations and Mild Insanity
Oct/Nov 08 Interview with Jerry Gowins, Jr. The Bowhunter Behind the Camera
Dec/Jan 09 Bonds Forged in Tradition
Feb/Mar 09 Target Choices for Traditional Bowhunters
Aug/Sep 09 The Art of Choosing a Quiver
Oct/Nov 09 Autumn’s Changes
Apr/May 10 Good Medicine
Jun/Jul 10 Traditional Wisdom
New Age Cresting
Aug/Sep 10 For Safety’s Sake
Oct/Nov 10 Traditional Wisdom-Silencing the Bowstring
Dec/Jan 11 There’s Only One First Time
Feb/Mar 11 To Laugh or Cry
Aug/Sep 11 For the Love of the Game
Oct/Nov 11 The Ground Game–Just a Huntin’ Story
Dec/Jan 12 Yark Work
Apr/May 12 Hunting for an “A”
Jun/Jul 13 The Trailhead–How I Practice
Oct/Nov 13 A Moral Dilemma
Feb/Mar 14 The Gift of Friendship
Jun/Jul 14 Bear Archery is 80 Years Strong
Oct/Nov 14 Seeing with your Ears
Dec/Jan 15 The Ground Game–Just Showin’ Up