Arrow Adapted for Self-Photos

This is an idea I had years ago to take my own picture in the field without carrying a tripod. It works just as well today with modern digital cameras.

Fortunately, just about all cameras have a tripod insert tapped 1/4”-20 (meaning 1/4″ hole, 20 threads per inch).

You’ll need an arrow on which to mount your camera. The arrow should have an inside diameter of 1/4″. The Terminator arrow from Walmart has the right diameter and is cheap to purchase.

First, remove the nock from the arrow. Next, cut the head off of a stainless steel screw that measures 20 threads per inch and is 1/4″ by 2”.

Then, use epoxy to coat about 1” of the threads on the end of the screw where the head was removed. Next, insert the epoxied end of the screw into the nock end of the arrow about 1” and let it set.

Add a field tip to the arrow, put it into your quiver, and you’re ready to go. To set up for a photo, just stick the field tipped arrow into the ground and mount your camera on the nock end as shown in the photo.


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  1. Greg April 26, 2018 at 9:54 am - Reply

    Several years ago I made a gadget to do the same thing with a binder clip and bolt that screwed into the camera’s tripod mount.

    Now, I just use my new Iphone’s camera by carrying only a single rubber band to use on my regular hunting arrow.

    You can see pictures of how to do this on this blog post.

    Hope this helps someone!


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