Hunting with traditional archery tackle is challenging enough, let alone trekking uncharted wilderness and roadless areas, big woods or swamps where your ability to get out of an area is even more important than getting into it. In this respect, a solid, reliable compass is just as critical as any other part of your hunt gear or survival kit depending on how far you push the limits of your hunt or hike.

Makers of pressure-rated, oil-filled button compasses are few indeed, but Prometheus Design Werx (PDW) now offers a top quality compass that is second to none. The PDW Expedition Watch Band Compass uses the earth’s magnetic field to operate. There are no batteries to drain, no digital devices to fail.

Strontium aluminate illuminates the four cardinal directions with a pleasing, soft glow when in darkness. The titanium compass housing (a steal at $69), encircles the compass in a silicone gasket. Should the compass ever break (very unlikely), it can be nudged out of its housing via a 1.6mm. hole in the housing’s backside.

A slot in the case fits 22mm. NATO-style watch bands, or it can be tethered to your hunt gear using the included silicone carrier. It is depth rated to 300’.

This compass secured into your bow’s riser or hiking staff will become your silent, unfailing hunting partner and should outlast and outperform any fallible digital app that so many ‘moderns’ rely on today. At the end of a long day, let’s always stay found. An ultra-reliable, well-made compass certainly improves the odds.