Repurpose an Arrow Into a Fire Stoke

If you don’t shoot woodies, and you’ve ever been lucky enough to break or bend an arrow on a week-long bowhunting trip, you’ll appreciate this tidbit of Montana Boy bushcraft.

Montucky Fire Tube

In a perfect world, we can make fire whenever and wherever we want. With a single strike of a FireSteel™ we’d darn near burn the whole wilderness down. However, in the real world there’s weather, and damp wood needs more oxygen to burn well.

Maybe you went hunting in the morning, and came back to coals in the fire ring. With your joints aching and a chill in the air, you just want warmth and a way to cook the grouse you killed with your bow, even though you bent a perfectly good 2018 in the process.

Or maybe you’re like my brother Ed, and you fell on your bow and quiver trying to conceal yourself in the roots of a windfall while I was cow calling over an elk wallow. Then you had an outburst of Tourette’s syndrome (involuntary muscular movement often accompanied by obscene language!) while throwing your bow toward Canada after realizing you broke $38 worth of arrows eight miles from the trailhead. Comments like “Wow bro, that’s a calling technique I’ve never heard. Is that in Lapinski’s new book?” clearly won’t help the situation.

No matter how you found yourself with a junk arrow in the middle of nowhere and the need for a hot fire, you now have the tools to create the Montucky Fire Tube. Combine your junk arrow with the air in your lungs to stoke some serious fire making action from the coals left in your fire ring. Or, if you weren’t lucky enough to have a good story about breaking or bending your arrows, the output hose off your water filter will do pretty much the same thing.

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