Going Trad by David Petersen


Traditional bowhunting advice and adventures, from the heart of elk country.

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If the question is: ‘Who is a dyed-in-the-wool, one-of-us, blood-letting yet life-treasuring, highly ethical traditional bowhunter who enjoys the moment, argues the point, breaks trail and helps others along that trail by thinking and writing extraordinarily well?’ the answer is David “Elkheart” Petersen. In fact, Petersen not only wrote the book on all of that and more, several times over, he lives it as well. The well-crafted stories and hands-on advice to be found in Petersen’s latest bookÊGoing Trad, not only offers hours of armchair reading delight for veteran as well as novice traditional bowhunters, these pages also provide a rare depth of information and inspiration for those who want to get Out There and experience the thrills, challenges and rewards of traditional-values hunting on their own.

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