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  • StixStix
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    Anyone use them? They’re advertised not to affect spine , but is this true and do they affect arrow flight other than speed?

  • Stephen Graf
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    Stupid forum.  I typed a response and when I hit submit, it gave me some crap about not being logged in.  Lost the response…

    Read the reviews on 3Rivers for the weight tubes.  Some folks say it affects arrow flight, some say it doesn’t.  Some say it nocks the nocks out on hard impacts.

    I have no personal experience with them.

  • StixStix
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    thanks, I saw the reviews. They,re kind of all over the place.

  • James Harvey
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    Stix, I remember seeing a post on here a couple years ago where a fellow had been adding weight to his carbon shafts by running a length of cord (like paracord or some narrow woven cord) down the shaft. Adds weight without adding stiffness anywhere.



  • RiverwolfRiverwolf
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    Not to defer one from using them 😉

    …but , I have experimented with the poly cord you can purchase at home improvement & hardware store and it works great .  With that said , anything added inside of the shaft will mess with spine to a degree …

    Most instances your gonna gain 30-70 grains . Much simpler to just add point/insert weight . Which will change the spine also to a degree ….but its so much fun tinkering eh 😉

  • wahoo
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    I was using tubes and having a heck of a time getting good flight . I then starting using heavy points and weight inserts , all my weight is up front and I am using gold tip shafts . Finish weight for elk is 700grn out of a 53# selway longbow. I have a box of different tubes and to be honest I just could not figure out how to really use them . I know I am not really answering your question but I just could not get the arrow I was looking for so gave the tubes up . Good luck

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    I used the weight tubes for a while– what kept happening was that when it hit the target, the nock would bounce off and the tube would exit the nock end of the shaft. I resist gluing nocks in carbon shafts so I can rotate them if necessary, so this became a royal pain. The I tried the poly cord and the results are better, though it still shoots out the back occasionally. I Then put a very small dab of clear nail polish on the nock– not enough to glue it permanently, but enough to stop the nock from coming off at the shot. Works like a charm.

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