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A lifelong outdoorsman and experienced professional cook, CHEF IN THE WILD author Randy King offers a comprehensive primer for the hunter and fisherman wondering what to do with his or her harvest. King recounts his adventures in the mountains and rivers of the West (and the pond and field near his home) in humorous and thoughtful essays providing helpful information on the cleaning, storing, preparation and cooking of wild game. From simple roasted chukar, to pheasant noodle soup, to barbecue bear ribs, CHEF IN THE WILD provides insight and inspiration to both new and experienced hunters – as well as practiced cooks and those less confident in the kitchen. You can find his book at Amazon.com.

Canned Rabbit

The jackrabbit was only about 15 yards away when he stopped and gave me the stink eye. I had caught him slinking through the sage and he was now trying to determine if he should run or hold. He should have ran. I drew back my longbow and let my wooden arrow fly. [...]

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Pan Roasted Venison with Salad and Delicious Vinaigrette

The dirt two track was dusty and headed southeast toward a rock out-cropping known as the Rooster Comb. Under the shade of a few junipers and desert sage, we saw the flicker of ears. Dad and I froze. We had been gabbing it up for most of the walk and now we were [...]

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Rabbit with Mustard Sauce

It never hurts to have a classic recipe at the ready. The classics are classic for a reason--they are typically awesome. Caesar Salad, Fettuccini Alfredo, Kentucky BBQ Ribs, Stairway to Heaven--all classics, and all are wonderful. In the culinary world some wild game dishes have "classic" status associated with them. One clear example [...]

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What to Do With Drumsticks

The gobbler was at the top of a small draw strutting his stuff when I caught him in my binoculars—a respectable Idaho Merriam’s. It had been a frustrating weekend of turkey chasing, with stuck trucks, rainstorms, snowstorms and fog. The birds were there and I could get the toms to gobble, but they [...]

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Corned Meat for Reuben Egg Rolls

Right before humans started shooting arrows at animals we started curing meat over a fire. It is a multi-millennia strong tradition. But why? Two reasons, really. The first reason that humans began to cure things is for simple food preservation. Refrigerators and freezers in households are a very recent invention. Prior to these, [...]

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Bows, Frogs and Flour

Blame it on Duck Dynasty if you want, or maybe on the cacophonous croaking of frogs along the canal near my home, but I have developed a taste for bull frogs. Frogging is considered a summertime pleasure for many of my southern-born friends. It is a rite of passage to muck through the [...]

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Pepper Crusted Venison Steak

I could hear the screaming of bull elk so loud in my ear it almost hurt. I crept in slowly, with the wind in my face and my bow at my side. I could smell the elk before I could see them. The bedding area was thick juniper and had many rubs on [...]

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The SS Money Pit

The SS Money Pit is a cheap boat. It is a grand 16 feet long and has a whopping 10hp Mercury outboard strapped to the back of it. In every sense of the word it is a utilitarian boat--from the chipped green camo paint to the plywood and carpet seats. The virtues of [...]

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Bear Ham

Bears are like shadows in the forest--to quote a famous Idaho publication. They are cautious, shy, and seldom seen. Bears are omnivores of the highest order, preferring a patch of berries to hunting a deer, but never turning down a meal. They can be bold, they can be predictable, but for me, bears [...]

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Pan Roasted Venison Loin with Cranberry and Port Sauce

Honestly, I am not all that grateful for the Butterball turkey that I eat a small slice of each year. Nor the green beans, nor the stuffing. Those are from the store; I did nothing but buy them off the shelf. While I am happy to have them, and glad for the ability [...]

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