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How to Tune Arrows for Traditional Bowhunting

Ever wonder how to tune arrows? Ken Beck, of Black Widow Bows, does a great job of explaining some of the important fundamentals of arrow tuning. The procedure is the same for wood, carbon or aluminum shafts.  

Awesome Footage of a Grey Wolf Hunting a Deer

Clay Hayes with Twisted Stave recently was hiking deep in the Idaho Backcountry when he had a rare run-in with a grey wolf hunting a whitetail deer! Check it out!   See Also: Staring Down a Bull Moose With a Traditional Bow in the Yukon

Historic Footage of Art Young Hunting a Grizzly Bear

Throwback Thursday takes us way back to one of the pioneers of bowhunting in the United States. Amazing footage from Art Young's 1926 grizzly bear hunt fueled the fire for many others who desired adventure and challenge in bowhunting with a simple traditional bow. See Next: 3 Yards Away from [...]

Staring Down a Bull Moose With a Traditional Bow In the Yukon

Jason Hairston from KUIU and his father Mike go on a once in a lifetime hunting trip to the Yukon. This video portrays traditional bowhunting as it really is: quiet, difficult, beautiful and deeply meaningful. KUIU Film: These Abiding Gifts - Longbow Hunting The Yukon Territory   [...]

Encountering a Trophy Mule Deer With a Traditional Bow

Remi Warren is known for his incredible footage, but it's usually with a compound bow in his hands. This short, self filmed video captures a moment where Remi experienced the rush of seeing a trophy mule deer while hunting with a recurve bow. How he was able to get such a close [...]

Video: Improve Your Shot with Proper Form

15 years ago Clay Hayes converted from a compound bow to a traditional bow. Since then he has become a great resource for woodsmanship and traditional archery information. In this video Clay explains some basic tips including: Proper Back Tension Aiming: Instinctive Vs. Gap Shooting Point On Distance Proper Form [...]

3 Yards Away From an Alaskan Black Bear With a Trad Bow

Check out this self shot video from a long time TBM subscriber as he stalks black bear in a remote area on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island! Even for the most seasoned and experienced hunter, this video will give you a surge of adrenaline. Experiences like this is what hunting with a [...]