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Staring Down a Bull Moose With a Traditional Bow In the Yukon

Jason Hairston from KUIU and his father Mike go on a once in a lifetime hunting trip to the Yukon. This video portrays traditional bowhunting as it really is: quiet, difficult, beautiful and deeply meaningful. KUIU Film: These Abiding Gifts - Longbow Hunting The Yukon Territory   [...]

Encountering a Trophy Mule Deer With a Traditional Bow

Remi Warren is known for his incredible footage, but it's usually with a compound bow in his hands. This short, self filmed video captures a moment where Remi experienced the rush of seeing a trophy mule deer while hunting with a recurve bow. How he was able to get such a close [...]

Video: Improve Your Shot with Proper Form

15 years ago Clay Hayes converted from a compound bow to a traditional bow. Since then he has become a great resource for woodsmanship and traditional archery information. In this video Clay explains some basic tips including: Proper Back Tension Aiming: Instinctive Vs. Gap Shooting Point On Distance Proper Form [...]

3 Yards Away From an Alaskan Black Bear With a Trad Bow

Check out this self shot video from a long time TBM subscriber as he stalks black bear in a remote area on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island! Even for the most seasoned and experienced hunter, this video will give you a surge of adrenaline. Experiences like this is what hunting with a [...]

Smoke-Cooked Duck

So, what does a traditional bowhunter do at the end of the bow season for big game when the cottontail rabbit numbers crash? Hunt ducks! What else? No, I don't recommend using archery tackle if you want to eat duck, but if you want to shoot and laugh a bunch... fletch up some [...]

Best EDC Load out

The ultimate load out for the modern mountain man. Check it out today for this dummy post.

Werewolf Hex: The best 4 blade broadhead on the market!

Hands down our favorite new broadhead. The WEREWOLF HEx features our special Pass Through Technology. This Teflon coating reduces friction resulting in a 90% improvement in penetration! We guarantee that there isn’t a more accurate and resilient 4 blade broadhead on the market today! Available in 150 grain and 200 grain options. Take a look [...]