About E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

E. Donnall (Don) Thomas, Jr. is the Co-Editor of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. He and his wife Lori divide their time between rural homes in Central Montana and Arizona. You can find many excellent books written by Don at www.donthomasbooks.com

Take Better Hunting Photos

I’ve given plenty of photo seminars over the years. I used to include discussion of depth of field, shutter speeds, etc. during which most people’s eyes would glaze over. You will still get more from your camera if you learn about those technical matters, but the truth is that modern digital cameras’ programs [...]

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Paper Trail

Lots of hunters I know use surveyor's tape to mark the last known sign when trailing a wounded animal, but there's a better alternative: toilet paper. TP has several advantages in this situation: It's easy to attach to leaves and branches, even if your fingers are too cold to tie a knot. Just [...]

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